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Over 69 percent of the land area of UK is for farming and it contributes a lot to the economy of UK. But, in the UK many farmers are discouraged of farming because due to low earnings, prices of land is relatively high and lastly shortage, and that makes people of the UK discouraged of farming. The UK is highly populated and its agricultural lands cannot supply the whole country so they receive exports from other European countries. And they import product from UK as well. In different parts of the UK there are different products. In North West of UK there goes their cattle because the weather there is suitable for growing cattle. And on South East UK there goes their grains, potatoes and sugar beet. And on the East of UK there goes wheat, barley and vegetables. In the industries, on the top is Bank and Financing which is the largest industry in the UK. And the next one is Information technology services. It is worth 58 billion euros because every major industry relies on them in order to function adequately. The UK’s economy is very high that makes them one of the most successful countries. Although they lack some in farming, I am sure that the government of UK will make a step to resolve it.

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